Does it cost anything to play with strings con brio?

No, there is no charge to play with Strings Con Brio. 

Do I have to audition to play with strings con brio?

 Auditions are not required to play with Strings Con Brio. All prospective musicians are invited to try out the group during a rehearsal.  

What do I need to be part of strings con brio?

 Only your instrument. We provide stands, chairs, lights, music, and folders. 

What kind of music will I be playing?

 Strings Con Brio performs repertoire from masterpieces of the Baroque, Classical, and Romantic periods, plus contemporary concert music and well-loved classics from Broadway theatre and cinema.  

Is strings con brio a paid orchestra?

 No, Strings Con Brio operates as a completely voluntary ensemble, from its leadership to its musicians.  

When does strings con brio rehearse?

Strings Con Brio rehearses on Thursdays, from 7-9 PM.